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The prices shown on the website are final, are not negotiable. Prices are already optimized for the customer.

When buying in large quantities, we may offer you additional discount codes or coupons.

You can select from several payment methods:

With Visa and MasterCard, the debit will be made in real time. The payment on the Bross Auto Parts website is secure and meets all current online payment rules. 

To buy with PayPal, please select this payment method and click on “Confirm Payment”. You will then be redirected to the PayPal page to proceed with the payment.

You can pay by bank transfer, you will only have to request in writing and, once the operation is performed, send us proof of it. After the goods´ collection, your order will be shipped.

You can pay by Payoneer transfer. Once the operation is performed, send us the Payoneer transaction number.

You can pay by Western Union transfer. Once the operation is performed, send us the MTCN number, Sender Name and Sender Country information.

Currently your order will be charged in any currency.

Unfortunately we do not accept partial payments, orders are only shipped after full payment of the order.

We do not ship with payment on delivery, orders are only shipped after full payment of the order.

When you place the order, the amount is automatically debited. If you pay by credit card or PayPal, Bross Auto Parts will accept payment when your order is placed on our website.

Yes, we are not collecting VAT, Tax or customs clearance fees. Any import duties and sales taxes that you may have to settle with the carrier to collect your order at customs.

All orders placed at Bross Auto Parts are accompanied by an invoice. Because we are a green company, your invoice is sent by email. 

There are items at Bross Auto Parts that may not yet have stock available.

If you have found a part that has no stock on it, the procedure is simple: just send an email, as soon as the amount is available, you will receive an email with that information. Usually, the response time is less than 24 hours on business days.

* Для наших российских клиентов;

Мы можем принимать платежи только через Koronapay.

После получения денег мы отправим посылку Почтовой службой Турции в течение 1 рабочего дня.

* Срок доставки около 15 дней на любой адрес в России.

* Информация для отправки денег с помощью Koronapay:

Имя: Ali

Фамилия: Kanik

Телефон: +905334866352

Город: Burdur, Turkey

Yes, you always have the right to return the order within 14 days, without having to justify the reason. The return period starts from the day of the delivery of the items in your order.

1. To return an order that is within the previously mentioned deadline (14 days, from the day of delivery) you must communicate your intention to do so in writing, by email to [email protected].

2. Returns of products that have been removed from the warranty and tamper-proof seal, or that have been manipulated are not accepted.

3. Once the possibility of return has been confirmed, the After-Sales service will share the address to which the part must be sent, and it must be wrapped and packed in the best possible conditions, so it won’t suffer any transport damage. In other words, the products must be returned in their original and complete condition, packaged in the same way as they were shipped.

4. The return must perfectly identify the sender / customer and the order number on the outside of the package. We do not accept returns where it is not possible to identify the customer on the outsider of the packaging.

5. Bross Auto Parts does not provide Return Forms

All the expenses of returning will be always charged to the customer. Bross Auto Parts will refund full amount of the initial invoice.

Upon receipt of the returned part, and once confirmed that it is in the same state in which it was shipped, the refund is made to the same payment method used to make the payment.

The period for the amount to become available again depends on the method used for payment and the customers' banking institutions, and may take up to 120 hours after the refund is processed.

The refund of the order covers the part and shipping to the customer's address. If it is agreed that Bross Auto Parts will handle the collection of a particular part, will be discounted all costs inherent to the return of the order to the refund. This process will always be done with the explicit agreement of the client.

In order for us to activate the parts transport insurance, it is mandatory that when receiving the order, checking that there is some damage on the outside of the packaging, the same is indicated in the document in which you sign the receipt: “accepted with damages”. Only having this mention on the order receipt document, the carrier will be liable for damages caused to your order.

Note that if you write “Subject to confirmation” does not validate any damage that occurred during transportation, just means checking quantities.

Knowing that the return period is 14 days, after receiving the order, it is important that within this period the customer takes the necessary steps to assemble and test the part.

If a defect is detected (warranty), it must be communicated in writing to: [email protected]

Thereafter, the After-Sales Service will provide additional written information on the procedures to be followed.

Knowing that the deadline for return is 14 days after receiving the order, it is important that within this period the customer takes the necessary steps to check the content of the order.

If any difference is detected, it must be communicated in writing to: [email protected]

Thereafter, the After-Sales Service will provide additional written information on the procedures to be followed.

If there is an exchange in the order received, please write us an email to: [email protected] as soon as possible to report what happened so that Logistics can solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

Bross Auto Parts offers a guarantee on all its products, provided that the parts are assembled in workshops regulated by law properly.

All parts sold by Bross Auto Parts include a limited time warranty: 12 months.

The counting of this time begins on the day of receipt of the part by the customer.

In the case of a part that is still covered by the warranty period, Bross Auto Parts will replace it with an equivalent part, available in stock at the same price. 

If the part is unique, Bross Auto Parts can propose to issue a full refund.

We are dealing with a warranty when and once the part is correctly installed and during the validity of the warranty period, some non-conformity in its operation is detected.

If the part is not working correctly, the customer will, in the first instance, have to communicate in writing to: [email protected] with as much detail as possible of the problem that occurs with the ordered product.

The After-Sales department may request photos, videos, proof of installation in the workshop to be able to analyze together with the supplier the problem detected in the part.

Labor and the use of replacement vehicles are absolutely excluded from the warranty of the parts sold;

Consumables and wear parts;

Damage or paint defects, since the parts are used and may show signs of use;

Defects or damage described before purchasing the item;

Any accessory element of the part that, as a courtesy, was sent with it.

The process for placing an order at Bross Auto Parts is quite simple!

Simply log into your account using the link: https://www.brossautoparts.com/login


Just search for the part, add it to the cart, fill in the address and proceed with the secure payment options.

And that's it!

Please note that, if there is any failure to pay by credit card, for example, your data will not be saved! 

To recover your password, just follow the link below to access your account again: https://www.brossautoparts.com/password/reset

It is not mandatory to create an account before placing the order, however if there is a failure in the payment process your data will not be saved on the Bross Auto Parts website, despite having already filled them in on the form.

That is why we advise you to start the process by registering at 


and after all the forms are completed, just add the part to the cart and make the payment. This way, if there is a failure in the payment process, you will not have to repeat the filling of the form.

If your order has not been shipped, please contact us via email 

[email protected]

so that we can cancel or make changes to it.

If your order has already been shipped, we are unable to change the shipping address. In this case, we advise you to contact the carrier in your country directly and take the necessary steps to get the part to the correct address.

Any changes / cancellations must always be communicated in writing to 

[email protected]

Thank you!

By logging into your account and in each of the orders, you can access the status of the orders: Awaiting confirmation, booking, shipping and completed.

It should be noted that when your order is picked up from the warehouse by the carrier, you will receive an email with the tracking number and the name of the carrier.

No. The fact of adding a piece to the Cart does not guarantee your reservation or availability.

There are items in high demand that can be sold before formalizing payment, although they were available at the time they were added to the Cart. If this happens, Bross Auto Parts will try to present you with another alternative in stock!