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Bross Auto Parts is a trading company, focused on e-Business; B2B and B2C; try to create fast, smart and accurate repair solutions with reasonable prices.

We specialize on small car repair parts which solve the big problems. Our customers can change theirselves the broken small parts and big systems on the car can work again and they save big amount of money. We offer mostly small plastic parts, which authorized dealers offer whole assembly and can not provide this small parts, like window regulator parts, various motors' gears on the car, sunroof repair parts, interior parts etc. With our DIY products, you yourself can change them, enjoy having time with your car and saving money.

We are based in Turkey, our products are Turkish products. We are cooperating with many big producers in Turkey. We are guiding them about which parts to produce. 

We handle our orders very fast. We have close customer relations and we always aim to have very long business relation.

We are a family oriented company. We, all family members, our employees, are devoted ourselves to our jobs. We all have respect to our business as well as your business. We all are believe in improving our relations with our customers and sustain our business relations for a long time with the mutual benefits. We always try to be open, honest, keep informed our customers with the most recent information.

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